Novi Solutions

About us

Novi Solutions, s.r.o. was founded in 2012. We are an experienced company in the field of acquiring subsidies, endowment management, and administration and management of the projects financed by the EU Operational Programmes for the Czech Republic, community projects, state programmes or even private equity, among others. Ondřejka Harvalíková, the director of our company, has been carrying out her activities from 1994. She began to pursue subsidy mechanisms within the framework of the so-called ‘pre-structural funds’ and from that time she has been aiding the development of the business environment in the Czech Republic. She was the President of the Board of Directors of the EKOGEN cluster until 2103. Together with our team, Ondřejka Harvalíková has devoted herself to establishing technical innovations into practice, actively cooperating in many projects as well with foreign partners. Although our company is based in České Budějovice, we became a member of the Chamber of Commerce for the Plzen region in 2015.

Novi Solutions has many years of experience, in particular with projects that concern finding optimal solutions for evaluating real estate or a specific region for which we can simultaneously make a proposal for its meaningful and economically interesting use, including finding effective financing. An essential part of these activities is also creating strategic documents for villages and towns, which are the building block for strategic planning activities and to ensure sustainable development.

A unique project team composed entirely of specialists who have expertise directly related to the specific aim is always formed to solve and implement each project (among our partners there are experienced architects and experts on the environment and its protection, monument care, the economy, tourism and destination management, among others).

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